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Message on Wristband
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Wristband illustration

* Text will be max size on bands.

* Color of message will be same as bands.

* Internal message will always be embossed.

* Internal message is slightly raised and that cannot be in different color.

* The actual colors will be translucent and cloudy(shade of color you select).

* The wristbands will ONLY glow in green color.

* This picture is only for reference as the actual band will have random mixing of colors.

* Blending/Mixing of 2 or more colors most likely to produce 3rd color, we will not be responsible for it.

* Segmented style is more recommended over swirl as the colors are more random & bleeding of color can be noticed.

* Quantity less than 100pcs are made by laser cut process,bands made by this process have the text slightly engraved.

* Free bands are duplicate of the original order and they are evenly distributed among the colors or sizes you order for.

* Keychains are for attachment purpose cannot be used as a wrist band.

* Custom font will be used.

Additional extra 18 character in front message.

Additional extra 18 character in back message.

Additional extra 18 character in internal message.

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Extra Wristband Options
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